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Never Never Dark Series Ginache Gin

Never Never Dark Series Ginache Gin

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Never Never Distilling Co. have released the world’s first Grenache gin, produced right in the heart of the McLaren Vale region.

‘Ginache’ contains Never Never’s award-winning Triple Juniper Gin and Grenache using grapes picked from Chalk Hill’s Slate Creek vineyard, making this gin a single estate release.

We wanted to make a product that championed not only McLaren Vale’s most exciting varietal, but also celebrated the relationship we have developed with the Harvey family of Chalk Hill Wines.

The Grenache grapes were harvested in March from the Harvey’s family plot, not far from the Willunga township. The plot itself was purchased by John Harvey, patriarch of Chalk Hill and was first planted with Grenache way back in 1897.

This gin bursts with red fruit character and makes an incredible gin and tonic with luminous ripe watermelon colour. We love it served simply over ice with a slice of orange which gives it vibrant, fresh raspberries on the nose. The spice and bright citrus of our gin works wonderfully with the jammy raspberry brightness of the young Grenache character.



APPEARANCE: Cherry red with a rose-gold hue. Luminous. Ripe watermelon pink when diluted with tonic or soda. Clear and bright.

NOSE: A bouquet of rose petals, cinnamon and fresh raspberries. Pine and lemon balm linger amongst the more earthy qualities from the Triple Juniper infusion.

PALATE: Strawberry coulis, redskins and cranberry sauce. Pink-lady tannin and a voluptuous mid-palate are balanced with the sweet and spicy flavour profile. The finish is dry and long where coriander spice, savoury juniper and sour cherry lingers.

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