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Single Malt. Single Cask.

The Barrel:

X Bourbon Cask re coopered to 50lt with a mid to heavy charring.

Barrel 4 was right on 50lts in its size, so there was no spare spirit in this one - with tightly fitting American oak staves which were much straighter than usual, the appearance gave little clues to what may happen to the whiskey as it aged.

Producing only 79 bottles at 52% ABV this is one for the collector of fine Australian Whiskey.

Aged for just over 30 months as per distiller Eduard Otter’s view as the optimum age for 50lt barrels in the Sydney environment, the liquid colour is intensely golden - almost honey like and shimmering with clarity. You can see that this is going to be a different experience from previous barrels.

When initially tasting barrel 4, Eduard was struck with the subtleties of flavour profiles apparent, leading him to decide to do no filtration at all. The normal process of running the whiskey through a small filter pad to remove leftover bits of char from the barrel, was abandoned.

Instead the whiskey was allowed to settle before being bottled with most of the char remaining in the vessel. As such, some small carbon particulates may still be seen in some bottles, this will not influence the taste in any way and are just a sign of how untouched this liquid is.

Tasting Notes & Aroma:

Sweet tones of bourbon, corn and treacle with notes of vanilla swirl around. A rich full hit of flavour fills the air as you breath in.

The sweetness from the barrel comes first with a burst of flavour.

Vanilla notes from the bourbon cask are unmistakable, warm and creamy. Its evident that the alcohol content is above 50% as more flavour is released through the sip. Some notes of oak do appear…however not too much as to become woody.


A classic single malt whiskey finish shines through with a sweet and warm tail that ensures this a most satisfying dram.

Additional water (a few drops) could be added to open up the flavour profile if desired.

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